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Chelseaking12 thought the Aston Villa v Chelsea match was awesome
5 years ago
Chelseaking12 nominated F. Lampard (61') for Goal of the Week
This guy is a true legend. well done mate. you deserve this.
Its a clear fact that chelsea are not favoured by the refs. For example, in this game there was a penalty rewarded which clearly was the most pathetic penalty...
What a poor penalty decision!!! well done torres and moses. but our defense was really poor.
Well done torres and very good goal by moses. whoever voted chelsea was rubbish needs their heads checked. hater gonna hate.
Chelseaking12 nominated Fernando Torres (70') for Goal of the Week
If your manager the sore loser stuck up for his players, he would have faced the press after the match.
Chelseaking12 nominated L. Modrić (66') for Goal of the Week
So i guess all the rich clubs like barcelona,chelsea,madrid,bayern and so on dont deserve to win anything because they have money??? what a pathetic comment ma...
Not lying mate. manure got a own goal anyways, no manure player scored a goal. did you see who scored the real madrid goals?? nothing to admit.
Feguson is a little girl. Man up ferguson and face the press. you sore loser. This time you didnt have one of your fa refs, (fergies association refs). than...
@assfadayn good luck with roma being the kings of europe. roma troll.
Yes there was a some luck, but like i said before. We beat NAPOLI, BARCELONA AND BAYERN MUNICH in their back yard. By the way, CHELSEA ARE THE KINGS OF EUROP...
@mccormick, beating napoli, barcelona and bayern munich was very lucky?? stop crying sore loser.
I forgot to add, FERGUSON is not even man enough to face the press. what a sore loser.
Ferguson you little school girl. stop crying and face the music you idiot.
Manure play with 12 men every week. stop crying losers
Manure play with 12 men every week. stop crying losers.
Manure play with 12 men every week. stop crying sore losers.
Definately a red card!!! well deserved win by real madrid. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha to manure. you were lucky to be in the champions league and you were lu...
The thing i like about barcelona is that there is no selfish players.
I just seen the highlights, well done oldham.
Sturridge is rubbish and suarez will leave this summer. liverpool will probably get relegated next season if suarez leaves.
Chelseaking12 nominated E. Hazard (73') for Goal of the Week
Chelseaking12 nominated L. Baines (43') for Goal of the Week
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