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CR7 is the most hated man in barcalona
1 month ago
Im going for madrid to win this
This page seems dead until the new season stars. long time since iv been on this page. with all those draws by Hiddink iv given up on this team until a fresh d...
3 months ago
Manchester united has been losing a lot of fans in Thailand as a result of the rise of Leicester city. a fan who supported united for over ten years has switche...
Old jamaican prover: today fi wi tommorow fi unhu
Thank god he scores against us more that any other team he ever score against. do i speak english or parable?
Thank God this day that Lukkaku finally scores against Chelsea
Give Pato a chance stubborn hiddink !!!!
Christiano to me is the more desperate all out goal hunger ambitious player. gave 500 percent on the field everytime he plays.
Im disappointed with the one point from this game. im more gusted by PATO!!! not given a chance over REMY
Has anyone know what wrong with Pato why he not play for Chelsea yet
4 months ago
Its the first im seeing a penalty kick like that. I bet from now on amatuer, school boy football, major league, international and club football are going to cop...
^^comment from footyroom
Life of LVG 1.draw games 2.loses games 3.about to get sacked a game 5.stay Repeat...
Guus will play back MiKel-Matic for the PSG game though considering he dont want to get our defence expose
PSG you better fear Chelsea are going to kic your ^^^s
Pedro has speedy pace. like him for that
I was worried when Memphis got that ball and was about to cross it until my computer screen fuzzled out and i see that Man U players were not celebrating a goal...
Best time to sell players you dont want or regret having them. send them off to china and get money back guarantee
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