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So how dem seh spurs betta dan Chelsea blud !!!
1 week ago
Conte sub pays off after all don't be sad William the coach sees what your not seeing
Love the spurs loosing tease
Is it true that there was a jersey mix-up between Barcelona and Crystal Palace which caused Arsenal to loose by 3 goals
2 weeks ago
Anybondy know where can i find Troopz on Arsenal fan TV. Any links to the "Diary Of The Season" long time I havent seen it. I really enjoyed it much to hear the...
Football origin is the best
1 month ago
This is arguable the best champions league match I have ever watched bec of work. I was hoping PSG pulled it off before and during the match but until I watched...
The worst part about the result? When you are searching for 'Bayern 5-1 Arsenal' you also have to add the date
"But we beat Bayern 2-1 on aggregate in the first half over both legs" arsenal fan commented after the loss against Bayern today
Its full time now for Arsen Wenger to R-E- S-I-G-N
Conte, the don one Mourinho, the special one Klopp, the normal one Pep, the smart one Wenger, the FIVE ONE
We have to look at the positives. Barcelona are also going out in this round so that means we are at least on their level right now. its funny so i decide t...
Where can I get the link for the Arsenal diary that usually comes up on this page
Is there a buy back clause for Falco because from all indication the Athletico Madrid star is back
2 months ago
Good game BURNLEY this reminds me of playing FIFA 17 when you know that you team is better than the opposition on paper but on the field of play you really sta...
Best game iv ever seen in a long while
4 months ago
Now i see the light of Pedro skills in the EPL since Conte tok charge
5 months ago
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2 years ago
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