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But sometimes when your own club dont believe you it works in your favor of proving them wrong by playing for a club that belivves in you. example Sturridge wa...
1 week ago
I was watching some videos on youtube of the goals that Costa scores for AMadrid. it concerns me that I have not seen one Screamer outside the 18 yard box to ju...
Is Lukaku coming to or leaving Stanford bridge
2 weeks ago
Miroslav Klose this one is for you most of all. big up from jamaica
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I just hope Mourinho dont play coward park bus defensive football anymore which bores the crap out of me last season. I hope he play free football while keepi...
Who is your worst player of the tournament? I say EDER of Portugal
I just happy that he finally got his trophy for his brilliance in every world cup tournament he played. MIROSLAV KLOSA well done and thanks and goodbye !!!
At least I can finally say that the greatest player of all time is on in my generation. but lets wait on sunday
He never scores against Chelsea * so i don't see whats the hype about
It is amazing that only Chelsea itself does not believe in Lukaku getting his deserved stay at the bridge while we have BA, Torres (traitor Eto)leading our stri...
3 weeks ago
Someone needs to seriously investigate Ramirez birth paper to check if he is a samba brazillian
1 month ago
Dzecko is playing ......ttt
Before the corner Ghana was kloser to the win
Well done Ghana you showed me as a Chelsea fan what real good entertaining football is. Something that i missed under mourinho
A glimpse of boarding the plane home
RIP tik-taka. The whole world knows how to counter that style of play. Congrats Chile
Wake me up when the Argentina Bosnia match starts
Congratulations from Jamaica for winning the Champions League
2 months ago
Its written in the stars: the team that beats barca in the champions league will always win the league. Real Madrid is playing in vain against such stats
Real Madrid agony of not putting themselves on a chance of winning the LA liga on the final day if Barcelona wins reminds me of Chelsea last three league games ...
3 months ago
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