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You can delete all the accounts. Leo is my brothers account he doesnt use it anymore. I forgot my other chelsea accounts password. So now u can delete all of th...
They re not Valencia lol. Plus they re the reason its -15 in Madrid.
Hi mate please don't make personal insults on the wall of other users. You're already on our radar for past errors, don't escalate the situation any further and...
Ur talking about stats when you cant even write your own players name?
Why you hatin bro?
Just one thing I wanna share with y'all. FIFA doesn't pick the winner for ballon d'or. It's the captains, managers and media who decide the winner. It's their ...
Lol @ almost all Madrid fans crying about Ballon d'Or, Cmon it's done. Get over it. Fifa didn't do the voting, captains, managers and media did. Then why crying...
I saw the video and I came into a conclusion that Ronaldo didn't have the intention to shake Pep's hand. 1. You shake someone's hand when they've achieved some...
Unless its Messi
Good atleast you realized it now
The reason for Madrids failure this season: Mourinho trying to adapt barcas playing style but he forgot he needed barcas whole squad for that. Lol. Happy holida...
And Wenger visits him tomorrow.
What time the game starts in eastern?
Calm down Calm down...At the end of the day, Dortmund makes him calm down...
I say Kaka.
No. Valdes is just s**t!
Then why are you here?
No. Unfortunately, he has to try next year.
I LOVE how Messi owns the entire team of Realmadrid in FIFA 13 and scores... LOL and yes he does that in reality too :P
The game is finished ? Who scored?
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