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5 years ago
I don't think Arsenal where "rubbish" i just think they can not compete at a level this high. Bayern showed real professional class yesterday, i have never seen...
Chelsea are defending like Arsenal was at the start of the season...all these big gap/trying to play offside is just BULLSHIT!!! AVB get back to having a tight...
6 years ago
Remeber when Rodwell got sent off against liverpool and they beat everton with 10 men...well there is a such thing as Karma..spearing tackle was more of a red c...
I think spain are a good example of what Barca will be like without Messi...there is something special he brings to Barca that spain needed in this match
Spain try and find that perfect goal all the time this was a boring match...also why was Alonso and Busquetes playing together i cant understand that it seemed ...
To think Ronaldo left the premier league for this fifa 12 football style of play..ridiculous its such a cowardly move to make this league absouletly SUCKS i am ...
Man u City Chelsea Tottenham Liverpool Arsenal I put Liverpool and arsenal out off the top four because they are both 1 man teams (Suarez and RVP) if they get...
I heard Carroll hit the bar after the match aswell LOOOL
Barca play the same style every game but they still manage to impress me with everything they do even though i watch them all the time
Cech s**t...Defence line Does not work...Bad defending...You can not attack against arsenal AVB needs to accept that and stop being stubborn....defend deep and ...
This team should be feared for euro it will take something special to stop them. Look forward to seeing them there i enjoy watching this young team so mature fo...
WE need Replays I am tired of this s**t ruining great games. As for the referee even if it was a bad tackle(which it wasnt) then the ref should still give him...
The fact that he is still not learnt english properly after what is it 5 YEARS now?... clearly shows he does not intend to stay here long and does not care abou...
Spurs a changed team this year. Less of that Terrible defender Corluka because of Walker. Parker and adebayor are going to be crucial. Less of that Terrible goa...
Cool votes :) thx for the add
Ridiclous how easy they make it look
Wenger Wenger Wenger you are a funny man... He can Spend 12 MILLION on chamberlin a player he does NOT NEED but then he CAN NOT buy CAHILL for 16 MILLION amazin...
Barca where not even on top of their game in both legs and it shows you how distant madrid are from them. if madrid learn to keep their cool and stay more focus...
Any fan that uses the added time as an excuse is just as duluded as arsene wenger. its clearly the teams fault they just flop everytime they get close. all they...
7 years ago
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