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5 years ago
In my opinion, ur team is the best at the moment.
6 years ago
Yes we won. Complain all you want. Yes, a bit of luck, yes i see the statistics, yes, i heard about the penalty kicks, yes yes yes. But yes, I see the name on t...
Can you really be all that lucky for 270 minutes? Your just a sick Ajax fan becuase you get disgraced in the CL all the time.
Its okay guys. He's a barca fan! But even so, isn't it even poorer that your team couldn't beat a team that was playing so "poor"? What on Earth does that say a...
I don't know why people are saying Liverpool was awesome. They played well for about half an hr compared to Chelsea's domination of over an hour. Chelsea played...
Lol Mazza i sense some sarcasm?
Chelsea weren't great, but they weren't rubbish either. To be honest, that kind of loss is not upsetting. Its one of the only occasions you can call a loss a "p...
Finally. I don't know about you other Chelsea fans, but I've been waiting for a 5+ goal blowout all season. Great game. Glad I got up early for that.
Its okay Puya... maybe your team will stop diving. Maybe you will realize that your team has lost and get over it. Maybe you will realize that you faced a team ...
Chelsea fans unite! We've finally done it! What a game! For all you neutral fans, you ended up seeing a peach of a match. There was drama, controversy, misses, ...
ZZZZZZ. WHY DID I WAKE UP AT 7:30 FOR THIS? Too defensive for my liking. It's the end of the season. Take a risk.
Although that comment sounds really harsh, i kinda agree with you. Sturridge and Kalou can't help Torres, and to be honest with you, he isn't really helping him...
Luck is talents reward @BBoy911
Thank you! One of the first sensible fans I've heard from in quite a bit!
Don't get me wrong, I love Drogba. But the next time he goes down......
They deserved it. It was master class defending and they took their one big opportunity. Give credit where credit is do. You played well.
All you Barca fans that said this was going to be a rape? WHAT NOW? Chelsea played extremely ugly but their prettiest play produced the only goal. Barcelona had...
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