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Arron (Arron Nemat) from Swilly, Plymouth, England
Hi there, my name is Arron. I play for and I'm captain for Plymouth Argyle under 16s. In september I'm starting work as a apprentice pro. I've had trials for Spurs, and Arsenal at ...
Arsenal12 (Martin)
Arsenal777 (Ibrahim Abraham) from San Diego, United States
Arsenalarethe (Ben Price)
Love football
I like soccer arsenal. add me
I will be a Arsenal fan forever and always even in their darkest hours or their glory moments. ArsenalFAN4ever
ArsenalFan96 (Alisha Krishnan) Singapore
ArsenalFC11 (Arsenal)
I am a Christian and I am not racist.
ArsenalForever8 (Daniel Araya)
I like to play football and watch Arsenal and Real Madrid play.
Arsenish (Arsenish) from Bellevue, U.S.
In glory days and gloomy days, ALWAYS ARSENAL!! Comon GUNNERS!!!
Arsman (Bee Esh)
I like sport.
Awuakye (Henry Awuakye) E.g. England
AznB0b (Quan Mai) from Nashville, USA
Just a small asian person who love Manchester united for a long time now, not one of those bandwagon fans that they like them because of ronaldo and such. A true fan that never cha ...
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