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Charlie wrote in On Ants wall
Boo! Ghost from the past! Send me a message if you’re interested, Promise I won’t bite :) hope you’re doing well
7 months ago
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Charlie (Carlos now)
If you’re interested in reconnecting, email me at don’t be shy! Love this website. ( looking at you Anthony :) )
Hi old timer! :) let’s reconnect.
Wow. It’s a miracle. I remembered my password.
You go to college and so many things change. so many things stay the same too.
5 years ago
I recently found out JJ was 28. wow, i thought he was a kid. He should have moved on long ago.
7 years ago
Dude, when did you become Bolivian? And I never see you around man! :(
Hallo! I never see you on meebo anymore! And Suarez looks like the real deal no?
And just in case you forgot messi was fouled inside the box in the first half and nothing was given
Barca was in truth the better team over the two legs. The red card is fair too. shooting after the whistle is immature. He heard it, everyone on the pitch did.
I see you sniffing about! Last Logged In 4 Days Ago Why you no Say Hello
Complacency? messi shut off in the second half, and wilshere looked good. why did pep bring in keita? i think he should have brought on Bojan
That first goal was pretty bad; the defenders were caught snoozing.
Yeah, he keeps making stupid fouls.
Barton was a disgrace.
Fun game to watch! great derby
3rd times the charm for those long balls. Arsenal thought it was going to be a cake-walk, and got punished for it. sloppy play; alot of misplaced passes and the...
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