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Do you know a magical place called Orissa? =)
6 years ago
Do you know a magical place called Orissa? =)
Nothin' a little cardio and a proper breakfast can't fix =) ...hopefully.
And you my fine lady, are a stud.
Mascherano just keeps on getting better and better. All it will take for Madrid to 'over take' Barca this year is for them to win one trophy. Just one. I hope...
He's not the only one ;)
Summer of 2008, Madrid Prez: "i SERIOUSLY think that if we are to win it all in the next 5 years, we gotta invest 100+ million euros. That'll derail Barca no p...
And as for assists, yes you're right. The Barca style helps, but the players still have to make that pass. Would Ronaldo have found Abidal like Messi did for Ab...
I'm afraid we might have to fight that logic by using the same logic. If goal distance matters more than running by 3-5 players then by virtue Beckham is a muc...
Homo celebrations aside, this guy does make goal scoring easy to masturbate to at times. What. the. heck. Que Golazos! Ramos was def. huge back there t'day.
I really hope they stay. Newcastle Utd have been a breath of fresh air!
Oh no! Who could've possibly liked Chukchuk's comment! It was moi porque - Man utd have scored 1 goal vs barca in 180 min. of footy at the very highest level i...
That, and the probability that Pedro is feeling left out =( Poor guy.
Why thank you. I've gotten a few giggles from yours as well! =) Cheers!
Hahahaha you're right ma' man. I saw the goal a lil' while ago and my jaw hit the flo'. I knew he was quick and fast, but that first touch and last deft touch t...
Really? You think Avram Grant would've had the ballz and ingenuity to switch to a 3-4-3 from a 4-3-3 when Benzema scored against Barca inside 1 min?! You thin...
As for Messi's skied chip, I sympathize with him. I know how it feels. When you hold L1 and B for too sucks. ballz. I blame the lag tho so it's all g...
Think about it. If any player on Barca was yellow carded and then went and tackled someone like that in a game during a Barca vs Man Utd game, you'd be screamin...
I don't think I've seen a player make 4-5 guys, who are deemed to be professional at what they do, absolutely silly at the same time. Messi just messin' aroun...
August 5th, 2011: Mourinho: "K guys, we're going to win the flipping treble this year. I mean look at this team. I had to do some crazy things on fifa 11 last ...
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