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4 years ago
"What I sink is that ehhm my experience in football helps me to ehhm to see sinks with another pespectife" "The penalty on the game was the penalty on Lucas and...
@Reventon Cristiano cannot be compared to people such as Zidane lol. Zidane, Ronaldo(fat1), Ronaldinho, they are in another level.
5 years ago
Hazard is young Oscar is young Sturridge is young Romeu is young Azpilicueta is young And Mikel sucks in all kinds of ways. Isnt that enough 4 u Manu?
Once upon a time it was said that Nani would be a new Cristiano.
In my opinion if Walcott leaves Arsenal, he will be at his best. For some reason he cant always perform 100%
Very entertaining game. But Arsenal shouldnt of have any problems with Reading in the first place. But once again, goot match.
Balotelli dont give a damn Son.
I've just noticed your post on BigShel's wall. I've also deleted one post of yours today, and came in to give you a warning only to realize that BigShel already...
Oy "BigShel" You warned me once. If I rage again will I lose my acc Temp or Permanently?
Slasic you should be worried about ManCity's payback. Dont come here and complain while you got problems yourself.
Or you simply hate Chelsea for raping your team.
Ouuuf this Chelsea R ballin'! Drogbas goal and the way Lampards ball to him, and Lampards freekick reminds me of the good days of Chelsea. Hope they play like...
6 years ago
Man Torres aint as he used to be. People probably gave him the o.O for the money he was worth. Major eye.
Ballack was injured bad, caused career stop. Thats why he left. You know Premier league, someone woulda hit him in the same place.
HAHAHHAHAHAHA "To be great like Arsenal" What a nice laugh I had there. Arsenal are NOT good, it's Chelsea who suck ass atm. .....And yes. Arsenal fans hav...
Cfcyusuf11 REPORTED for being offensive "Like when you bitchasses payd the Overbo against Chelsea in 2009? Barcelona mama suck ma dick." You'll get only one ...
How come the ignorant people around here are Barcelona fans? Did you watch the highlight, yet be so retarded?
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