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Yeah Goons, Messi profile picture with (Arsenal) next to your name. Nice one, gotta love plastic fans.
6 years ago
Yeah sure, and we should have been 4-0 up, so all is fair really. Thats football boyos, this is why we all love this sport, partly because it is not perfect.
Henry what a lad. The way he finished that, so calm and so relaxed. A few Arsenal players should be taking notes.
City, City, with all that money, could only buy a Balotelli.
Why are Liverpool supporters praising the players so much? You beat a team not in the Premier League and could have easily been 3-0 down in the first half. Back...
Fantastic marking from Stoke.
Blatter is an idiot. No argument about it.
Everyone is going on about Al Habsi, who is an amazing player, but Kevin Doyle is the same type of rock solid player that should move to a bigger club. He works...
Its the poppy, its a sign of remembrance for soldiers who lost their lives in World War One.
Because he has warmed up after playing 45 minutes of football in the first half?
You can say what you like about Arsenal, but we did not play as well as Chelsea and we still won, away from home. Isn't that what a big team is supposed to? Ne...
Given and Dunne really kept Villa in the game.
And with the likes of Nasri being able to replace Silva..... it's unbelievable.
Hey mate, in football it is all about winning, the points on the table. So maybe we didn't beat a much weaker Bolton 5-0 but we still have 3 points on the board...
Penalties= You earn the right to take penalties after doing a process of elimination in training. Free-Kicks= Nothing wrong with scoring free kicks. Tap Ins...
I like Mick, if you watch Wolves play, some of their football is really good!
7 years ago
Arsenal looked completely out of it no one was putting any real effort into the game, besides RVP. Notice when Chamakh came on and played alongside RVP, Arsenal...
I understand that, but the fact that so much diving goes on is just annoying. Both teams should really just play their hearts out, I am just saying compare Celt...
I don't know, the El Clasico derby went down a bit in my eyes, as in most derbys are played with passion and both teams are physical but also play nice football...
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