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You have to take into consideration that Schweini, Martinez and Ribery were missing and there were no natural DMs in the starting lineup. Bayern did lose to Ars...
Because they didn't run all over the field in the first half like Italy did.
Spain's kit looks like they are already wearing the winner's medal.
USA vs Mexico
Yea, both of them volleyed using their weak foot.
Celegorma nominated F. Ribéry (53') for Goal of the Week
Almost felt like the 2nd goal was a deliberate Dante mistake
That awkward moment when Torres has won the CL, EL, Euro and World Cup. Chelsea vs Bayern Mourihno vs Guardiola SuperCup? Fingers crossed :P
So Benfica lost 2 titles to 2 injury time goals in 1 week. Wonder if they can pull themselves together for the cup next week.
Dortmund is so far ahead Mourinho needs binoculars to see them
BVB did okay after winter. It was first first few months BVB did bad in the league and the gap became too much to be worth bothering with.
BVB can't pay Gomez's salary, its even worse..
Haha i got this joke now.
Lewandowski is so strong and good in the air too.
I like how this Barca-Madrid, Messi-Ronaldo jerkfest became a debate of who got owned a little bit less.
With Ibra's offside goal.
De Guzman is Canadian. Varane is French. Zabaleta is Argentinian.
Lewy's technique and finishing reminds me of Bergkamp.
Whats wrong with supporting 2 teams, especially they are from 2 different leagues.
That grin when Pizarro came on.
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