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Arsenal are out of the running... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
8 years ago
Second goal was class!
Love it , always a joy to see Chelsea go out. Will they sack Ancelotti if they don't win the league or the FA cup?? Wouldn't be surprised at all.
I think Tevez had a burst of energy when he thought he had proved UTD wrong. But I suspect he will fade away maybe. Berba is horrible to watch someti...
Your granny should be ashamed of herself!
Absolutely, Stoke aren't an easy team to play either so it's not a huge surprise. It's got to be Villa , spurs, and City. A nice little sideshow there. Can you ...
Good stuff from Chelsea. It's great to see 3 teams properly in the running. It makes every game so important now, which gives that extra bit of urgency and crea...
What if UTD did beat Milan without Rooney? Maybe they couldn't have done it without nani? Or maybe they'd never beat them without Ferdinand and Vidic? Or wait ,...
There's only 1 man that UTD may be in trouble without. And that's not any of the players, it's Ferguson who built the team from scraps and rebuilt, and rebuilt,...
I think the subtitles are in English.
Hehe , don't tell anyone bout the mushrooms!
I like to lika de ball!
They can't do the hand ball thing again anyway, so I don't see any hope for em!
The second goal was outstanding. Trademark Brazilian.
Unbelivable!! Chelsea were awful! The Whole Terry thing definetly has a big psychological effect on everyone. So I'm glad he did it!
Did you think UTD relied on Ronaldo??? They seem to fine without him.
How long will Scholes be stuck on 99?? Man I really hope he gets his 100th!!
Ofcourse Everton were better, they were class! Full credits. I've been admiring them this season and I think Donavan was a great move for them.And they were eve...
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