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Plastic fans and women have no place in football fcuk off
7 years ago
What the hell have they been feeding obertan, he was a skinny streak of piss when he arrived, same with the da silva twins.
You'll get a hiding sooner or later, battered for 70 mins against a villa youth team. credit to fergie, without him you would be fcuked.
Dont do sunderland justice just saying they were phyiscally better, scored 2 great goals could of had 6 and should of been playing against 10 men. and they are ...
Yeah, 1 more and its a ban.
A sevilla fan 'trolling' do braga have a fan page??????
I'd mug you all off on fifa11, psn ID cc1984fc
Want* not what
N'zogbia would be a great buy for you i reckon, moneys short as the whole world knows and wouldnt cost no where near the quoted 30 million sunderland would what...
Chelsea have plenty of talented youngsters , kakuta and sturridge need more time but will be class, mceachran is one of the best players for his age ancelotti h...
Wheres your american pride? you support a spanish club :/
8 years ago
Im sorry but you cant argue with facts, second highest murder rate in the world, highest rape rate in the world, car jackings and robberys rising year upon year...
Same difference. united is fergie.
Hes still nothing but a rent boy though lol
Clown. united made ronaldo the player he is today.
He's 20 in july, but thats off wiki so how credible that is i dont know. and i meant left back in my previous rant. lol
Are the refs and assistants in europe neutral? i doubt that, fiorentina were robbed by the same clown that robbed chelsea the year before, has he been sacked li...
Dayum? are you a plastic german by any chance?
Whooped? the referee should have used common sense, he probably felt sorry for ribery (60 million pounds bayern want for him? lmao) getting schooled by a 19 yea...
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