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4 years ago
As a United fan, I am happy to see the team won, but at the same time dreading the next few games. Not only will the opponents be tough, but seems that it's bee...
The silent treatment is the new hairdryer treatment, lol
More like Moyes' experiments gone terribly wrong
What was disappointing to me was United did not even try to threaten Olympiakos' goal. Moyes' approach was super conservative, no attacking mentality. No wonder...
Agree, with virtually all of the great players in the Bundesliga in the team, they have at least 2 line ups that can take the best teams in the world.
Wow, never seen a fan ripped his own team apart so bad, even when they won, lol.
What a goal, that's why it's always you Mario!
Great play by Liverpool, I hope Man Utd can replicate that in mid-week ( alright, let me day dream a bit here). Regardless, what a season it has been, the top o...
No no Toure, he's not joking
Kagawa play-a-making!!
Bendtner is trying to be like Ibrahimovic
Still too early in the season, but yup...they're silent...for now lol
While we are still waiting to see who will win the Ballon d'Or, it has been revealed that Ashley Young has been named the winner of Fallon d'Floor.
Moyes, please open your eyes and see what Kagawa can do without match fitness and playing out of position. That's like playing Ronaldo at goalie and still keeps...
Arsenal is doing well, well done! Ozil, what a player!
Neymar has crazy skills, ,there's totally no need for him to dive..unfortunately I have seen it a few times during the tournament.
That kick to the head by Walters must have made him lose his sense of where to score
5 years ago
RVP makes other teams RIP!
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