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Messi is a different class.
6 years ago
Love to see Spurs win the league if Man U dont. Quality football played, a joy to watch.
Owen might be on the bench, but he's part of this team, a winning team. Who knows he might come on for the last 10mins against Barca and score the winner! oh go...
S**t forgot to say...Thank you VAN DER SAR!! You a true United Legend! how do we replace that kind of brilliance?
So sorry to see Blackpool and Ian Holloway go down. What a breath of fresh air Holloway was this year. That own goal was cruel. United being the team I love pla...
Big respect for Everton. Amazing defensive display by them. If the game had ended 0-0 i would have been okay with it cause Everton played so well. Howard was gr...
Great to see the underdog do it, Well done Birmingham!! Arsenal still have a massive season ahead, tough defeat today but no time for mourning.
7 years ago
Go On Birmingham!
Not ready to forgive Rooney just yet. Wee Hernandez just keeps on scoring and Park is play great stuff. Chelsea lose again today. NICE. GLORY GLORY Man United.....
What a truly awful decision to play Hesky. Greens mistake was just that.... a mistake. USA completely shut Rooney down, they showed a whole lot of heart out the...
Definite penalty man and should have been a red card. COME ON UNITED!
8 years ago
Another damn missed handball! What is wrong with these referees? Only for those NINE goals Spurs scored, there may have been calls for a replay. Well done Wiga...
Good win. Keane's 40th goal! Nice. All's we really need is a win against Montenegro and I think it's World Cup time!
Arsenal were the better team today. Gibbs showed what he was made off. Now Im off to celebrate more
Fair play man.
I love how much people hate United! HaHaHaHa. Its good to be king!
What a f*****g goal! Game was tense tho, I always thought porto were gonna nick a jammy goal and put united out, but were there and Arsenal are going down.
9 years ago
WHAT A GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a F-ing game! This is why I love football!
Loved the original site but this new site is unbelievable!! Nice Work. Footy tube babes are very welcome! :)
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