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8ronaldinho0 (Jenninson) from Oakville, Canada
ACES21 (Dwight Sylvester) from Toronto, Canada
Fan of Manchester United during the first decade of 2000. They are now just as bad as City and Chelsea for abusing transfer budgets. The team now a shadow of its former self. Never ...
Adebanji (Adebanji Alade) from Kent, U.K
An addictive sketcher on public transport!
Aminieiust (Ali) from Tehran
Im 14 i play for a club team NUU 97 cannons
Arsenal27 (Dhrumil) from Toronto, Canada
Arsenaler (Billy)
ArsenalFreak (Walandi) from Hamburg, Germany
I'm from greece but I live in Hamburg. I love football and Arsenal Any questions?
Arthur (Art Arthur) from Atlanta, USA..
Balabaloidas (Taspats)
Bilt2spl (Jay Hyon) from Los Angeles, USA
Dream is to go visit Old Trafford and watch a Man U game
Boblic (Sofia Okashina)
Bradsenal (Bradley Stewart) from Auckland, New Zealand!
DerekGunners (Peh Chin Cheng)
DiegoFC (Diego)
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