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Good job boys. starting to look really good gunner for life
6 years ago
Im glad torres scored but he should have had more then one goal to his name.
Im glad torres scored but he should have had more then one goal to his name.
Im glad torres scored but he should have had more then one goal to his name.
Wow boys come on. plz guys get it together we need to start winning and get back to where we should b near the top of the table fighting for the title.
Im glad torres if finally doing something he should have socered but an assist will have to do for now. i just hope he finds himself and starts playing like he ...
Gunners played ok during the first half but looked a bit lost in the second. they where having trouble passing at time and were stuck on there half of the pitch...
Wow brasil they played good but ghanas goltender killed it he for sure was man of the match for ghana. good job for both teams. i dont think that ghana player d...
Spain killed it. they could have scored more but watever its all good they did a good job. i think llorente has to do better villa was feeding him balls infront...
Im glad spain won even tho chile deserved it and wanted it more. spain need to step up their game to make sure the can defend their title and euro/world champs.
Wow they snaped and had no mercy for these guys. RVP u need to play like that for arsenal
Good job on the win im glad cesc is scoring goals and is doing really good in barca.
Holy drogba got knocked out. i hope its not too serious, it would suck to see such a good player get hurt like that, i guess now "el niƱo" Torres has to step i...
Arsenal wat happen boys. holy i didnt expect this outcome. wow boys but we gotta keep our heads up still a long way to go. gunner for life
Cecs i hate the fact that u left arsenal, but ur still one of my favourite players. im glad ur doing good. u will b missed.
Good job boys. didnt start too good but got it together and won. we still need to work on something but good job on the win.
Abidal deserved a red card for trying to chock RVP.
7 years ago
After getting that red and lossing your star stricker everybodys moral went down and it was just the start of the second half.
No the reef screwd us over if theis would have happend to barca f****n everyone woul be mad too. if would have won without RVP getting a yellow i wouldnt care a...
This was our chance to close the gap for the title but i still beleive arsenal will win the leauge. lets go gunners
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