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Monterrey were outplayed most of the match. Suazo though, is in a class by himself.
6 years ago
Barca is amazing to watch. But that color commentator needs to chill. Having to listen to his man-crush on Barca made me want to hurl.
7 years ago
So now they're showing commercials IN THE MIDDLE of the videos?!?!?! UGH!!!
Anyone know where i can find more in depth highlights of the copa libertadores. the vids on this site are always so quick.
8 years ago
With their debt, man u's time as big club is nearing it's end.
Was he trying to breakdance or something? wtf??
Messi is one goofy looking mofo!
I was in a situation like that once. i had a good shot at the goal, but my buddy, who had never scored in a league match at that point, was open for an easy emp...
Man u got lucky. they played horrable defensively, and if this was against a better team, man u would have gotten embarrassed.
People want to rag on the MLS for it's attendance, but DAMN! there was NO ONE in the san siro! does it still count for 3 points if no one saw them win?!?!?!
I want whatever drogba is drinking! amazing year!
Was that an epl match, or a fifa 10 match? lol!
Is that why we won the season series from you??
The supporters/fans are what make this league. the more the mls embraces the supporter culture the more it will grow.
Great game. alot of fun to watch. the mls, when they're not hacking, is quite fun to watch. the la goal was a thing of beauty. particularly the passes leading u...
Is it march yet???????????????
It was a fun match to attend. the mls may not be on the same level as the epl or la liga, but it's alot better than most euro-snobs give it credit for. i can...
I don't usually root AGAINST teams in the WC, but this time i'll be rooting agianst the faux french and hope they lose evey match in embrassing style. i despise...
Indeed! i love this site!!
JC just got his well deserved call up. hopefully he'll take advantage of it and put some balls in the back of the net.
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