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OK OK calm da FU.. down. ''Dinho is back...Dinho is back''... SHUT A FU.. UP !! He was playing like crap the whole past season, he had pressure and HAD TO ...
8 years ago
I say you injure Messi for the whole season and Barca finish 4th or 5th. Well done Leo.
I have to admit it, Chelsea play is waaay stronger than United lately Nice Ashley's goal
You didn't mention Rooney. He also played like sh..! The whole team is playing like sh..! This is the worse Man Utd I ever saw. I have this fear when ManU ...
Everything was perfect exept Berbatov's finishing. He's too afraid to get injured...I guess
Wow gerrard was really happy for scoring against wolves ! what would it be if he scores againt chelsea?!! its not your season Liverpool
I agree with you, but, Man Utd played like crap against Fulham in my opinion.
Good game by both of the teams
Stop saying ''we'' like you're a manager or something. no body give a PhuK what you saying fuk Barca, fuk iniesta, fuk ibra fuk them all. messi come to m...
Wow wow wow Why Sir Alex, why didn't you see Arshavins talent before ? Can you imagine rooney & arshavin in front !!! Maybe one day...mayb...
Looks like Tevez prefer his actual team now. Good for him. But Ferguson had good reasons to sell him, so Man U fans, please stop whining about it.
Where would Barca be without Messi ? cmon man, this is such a noob comment.
Nothing to say. Villa played well and we didn't, Rooney was completely awful, Berbatov even worse. The best player was Evra. How do you expect to win when your...
Man Utd always had legends. But I just cant figure who's next, i mean, Nani?...naah, Macheda?...naah, Welbeck? dont think so. Oh maybe Obertan..I dont rea...
Barca fans aint got s**t to say now. And we dont need Ronaldo back to Man Utd, we can handle it without him with Park, Fletcher and Carrick in defense ...LOL...
Barca team this year is much stronger than last one. But let me tell you something, and remember my words, they will never get to semi-finals. Reason: too m...
Milan just struggled.
Last goal by Owen was great, but if you look closely it was an offside. Anyway, both teams played well and Sir Alex, youre a LEGEND. Park in defense ??? I n...
Ronaldo, that boy Ronaldo ! Cmon people stop hating on him, he did a lot for Man.U and even for Sporting ! And he will do the same for Madrid. In my opinio...
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