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4 years ago
Hadi bakalim. Son maca kaldi olayimiz. Iyi sanslar!
Everything went wrong for Hungary this game. Tough score to forget. So we are playing Netherlands next, and we have to win. I am hoping they will come too much ...
What a game by Bayern. Well deserved, and a long time coming... They are becoming my favorite team to watch over the past few years, and feel sad for them every...
5 years ago
You mean all the Czech guys?
6 years ago
Blastovski nice finish man
I like Ibra, but I like Shevki more. He has the moves, for the least in the upper body still. But I really would not want to be at the receiving end of Ibra's ...
Dam. me too
You know, I had long grown a big distaste for Italy's game, but they might yet make a convert out of me. This was a good game. i wonder though where is cavani?
Yes, yes, I feel bad for him, and it seems he has fallen in this vicious circle, where his play impacts his morale, which impacts again his play. I miss the old...
Yeha for Bayern! Another beautiful game this week. not so much for penalty takers:) I am wishing a Bayern win, but would feel pretty ok with Chelsea winning it-...
Man this was a game to remember. Chelsea and RDM: Discipline, tactics and some luck, against all odds to come away like this. Congrats. I have been impressed bi...
Bayern has been my pick as well. Well, for the last couple of years. But they get hammered on away games at this level
Drogba over Torres was a good decision. Drogba got my respect again the way he fought all game. And the rest of Chelsea as well. The counter goal was soo class...
This was a great game to watch. I am a big fan of Theo, and don't understand why he has so little playtime. Barca is Barca as usual. The only thing that can sto...
8 years ago
That's a lame lame hattrick. I don't see how he made it to arsenal. When is Vam Persie back?
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