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Chelsea Vs. PSG
As good as madrid was I can't just give them all the credit. Schalke's defense was below average. I think any big team would have looked brilliant playing again...
Do you consider his time in Spain as a win? He was supposed to dominate Barcelona with Madrid. That he never did. And he made a total fool of himself out of fru...
Alrigth "El Flaco" had a good game. This man is class. I don't know what's up with him in League 1. He should be shinning...
You have named the only 6 players worth considering world class in that team and not all of them can play at the same time by the way. Now try naming the world ...
I think Aguero better hurry if he wants to keep that spot
Ummm nop. I don't think that can happen with the team he has...
What the hell is gotten into this kid this season. I mean he used to be crap. I saw him do this plenty of times. And...
He's been watching way too many Neymar youtube videos..
I just find this new Ronaldo hype ridiculous. Yes he is shinning now, when the other guy can't even play. I'm not a fan of Barca or Messi but it is undeniable w...
Got damn Brazil is back... Germany and Spain are gonna have to be outstanding in order to win the WC.
Hahaha you have to be like 14 years old to really believe all that. He won't be able to pull this off with an actual top European or south american team... Ever...
Yeah I went for Pogba cause Pirlo's goal from any other player in the world would be incredible but from Pirlo it's pretty standard...
OMG somebody wants to keep chelsea in the title race... that was a disgrace.
He went down very very easy but that was a penalty sir... no matter how soft, he pulled him back...
Damn that's harsh SoccerJam. But there is so much truth to it. They have been shitt for some time now but they always manage. Don't really know how. But I think...
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Reina you fuckk!!!. that record was beautiful... By the way pipita is a total beast.
You got to remember footytube is full of the so called "Barca Fans" Established from 2008 and on...
You guys still looking pretty shitty in the back. We will see if Madrid can take advantage of that. Messi, Fabregas, Neymar in a few weeks are gonna be fuckking...
If I was a Juve fan I would be worried...
Congratulations, it got too easy so we got too comfortable since we were happy with the draw. This is typical Charrua win. Good for you guys...
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