Bynge (John) is wondering why he is wasting time.....
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People who rant on internet, but stutter face to face.
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6 years ago
For people outside England its difficult to understand the support City gets. The region actually has like 70% of fans with Man City for years now. For us its ...
7 years ago
Barton should be banned for life.
You < hobo, any day
The dedication of the key players like Drogba, Lampard is winning factor. They are true legends of the game even if they can't dribble past four defenders or sc...
You have bad vision then.
Cech backs refree for Barca clash? What does that even mean?
Would love to see Chelsea beat Barcelona
How about we buy a new manager then?. Pr**k. I seriously think FIFA, PES, should have a game mode to play as "Owners". I would like to be Roman.
Redcafe says fans don't want him back, unless there is a change in attitude. Did you forget his last seasons in United. Always falling down, no tracking back, u...
I guess now we can't complain that La Liga is boring two horse race. Oh s**t ! its the number goals they score. Already 100 goals by top two. Yay, we still can.
Probably the biggest waste of footballing talent.
Why doesn't Ronaldo celebrate other's goals?. Expects everyone come running for his, I find it awful. Its only his behaviour that puts him behind Messi. Glad he...
He said "F**k this is too easy"
April 30 will be best of this season. Do you think these fixtures should be planned like this, with top 6 of previous season playing each other on the last day ...
So that's why RM is above BARCA ? Ask Arsenal fans about rooting for youngsters year after year. On paper it looks good, but on field.
Once a thief always a thief. People will pick on Suarez, exaggerating everything he does. And when are you selling Caroll for Tevez ? You guys are able to manag...
LOL. Use only Footballing dictionaries.
I find his body language out of place.
Part of the plan.
After Scholes came back, Carrick is shooting more.
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