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Bwwiley just Watched
Bwwiley just Watched
Name a recent big name transfer that's had immediate impact on the new club. Even Ronaldo had to warm up at RM. New country, new teammates, new style of play ...
Had the same thought, keeper seems to do everything he can to stay out of the ball's way.
Not a fist pump, the ref's thumb is out motioning for the player to turn around...He's not celebrating, he's keeping the player away from the endline stands.
Last goal is 95% on Sagna. Look how far up the pitch he is when the ball is lost, then just jogs back while Lewandowski makes his run exactly where Sagna shoul...
Is the fact that Johnson loses Gonzalez so easily on the corner a good or bad thing for USMNT?
Why does Walcott want to play through the middle? He is the perfect definition of an attacking winger, not a striker at all.
5 years ago
Has to be Magee, right?
6 years ago
Saunders probably deserved a straight red for retaliation and raising his arm to the player's head... ...but c'mon.
From Fifa laws of the game, p. 111: A goalkeeper is considered to be in control of the ball: • while the ball is between his hands or between his hand and a...
7 years ago
Agreed with all the above. The worst is when Dellacamera and Harkes team up. Also, 2002 world cup, every time US won a game Dellacamera shouted "Mine eyes hav...
Why was this scheduled for the weekend before the Gold Cup?
And maybe a team name upgradge. Words like Real, Sporting, FC make it seem like we are trying too hard to be European.
Was it called a bad throw?
The 2 Chivas goals are more like worst defense/goalkeeping of the week.
8 years ago
Maybe he was just going for the ball, but two feet with studs up is a red anywhere on the field.
If not a penalty, should have been a yellow on Watson for the dive? And the call on Sagna that let Wigan keep pressure on was brutal. But how do you lose to a...
Embarrassing. Even the goal celebrations.
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