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How can a place lack culture? People are in possession of culture. So the people in the US aren't as homogeneous as many places in Europe... so what? One might...
6 years ago
I think theo's goal needs more votes. That was beautiful.
No it wasn't...
The ref didn't see it at all... think maybe the FA should review it
He "reacted" to Song's stamp almost 15 minutes later... in a way that could be presented as assault in a court room. That's just him being a cowardly bully. And...
Yeah, but who says it's his vision that he's implementing? it would be pretty ridiculous for a board to fire a manager for poor results tied to a lack of resour...
7 years ago
Don't they usually save the best showboat for last... that one was s**t
Well I guess you figured it out. I'll get on my direct line to Arsene Wenger and let him know ASAP. Diaby = flair and trickery? Sell van Persie and Koscielny? ...
What's with the hate? Did you get beaten up by Arsenal fans as a kid or something?
Lol, given up on Man Utd's chances and started selling goods online have we?
Someone hand Captain Obvious a medal... gee, I wonder if you're jealous and can't help but be hateful?
I might need to start learning Russian to figure out how to make my videos fullscreen
Thank you. yes, arsenal should have still won. on the other hand: joey barton needs to be put in a straight jacket. in the end the joke's on the english FA for ...
@CountaKunte: there are prisons designed for people like you. for the rest of us: it's called xenophobia you retarded fuckhead
Let me tackle you the same way and then we'll talk. pussy
Someone's bitter that they lost... "waaah waaah" TL;DR
That was a poor finish by Suarez... borderline o.g. in the end. Risky...
FIFA clearly states that if the pass is made when you've stolen Alex Song's hairstyle then play should be stopped and possession should be returned to Alex Song...
We're supposed to be impressed that you won at home? that's no surprise... take a look at your 3-win away record though. that is all.
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