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Bungs wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
It took 2 people to write this- namely, Paul Doyle and Barry Glendenning. And BOTH of you think Jose Mourinho's job is in jeopardy? as opposed to what? Manuel...
Sucks ma dude. Glad yall hung on to Januzaj!
If Chelsea don't win the CL, Watch Juve win it. This squad is LEGIT- chemistry and class.
@LaFamillia So, you're telling me refs outside of England are not humans? You win some, you lose some- period
Hahahah i can only imagine how frustrated you are with ur own team being #8 in the League. Have a kit kat man- this is the beauty of football...anything can hap...
5 years ago
I liked how the video of the last goal was from the bleachers haha
Diego Lopez- Man of the Match.
I concur. Alaba has been a child protege and will only improve w the presence of Lahm
Gotze will be rested for the Bundesliga tie this saturday...but will most certainly play in the final. Dortmund is winning.
Maybe/maybe not...remains to be seen 24 days later. Goetze will sit out this sat against y'all but will definitely play in the finals. They place football for t...
But there's an "i" in BULLSHiT though. Barca needs players that can score in set pieces and defend in set pieces.
But...Bayern still gonna choke though. Watch Dortmund play as a cohesive unit and beat them. Jurgen Klopp is the Friedrich Nietzsche of Football. After Aristotl...
Or maybe even GOTM lol
Can never give a brazilian that much space.....even if they're a CB as evidenced by Luiz's strike. A screamer of a goal!! Two Thumbs Up!!
Ake desu
We needed that little bit of luck. G'looks to the high heavens- This W could be the difference b/w staying IN the top 4 rather than on the outside looking in.
Woo Woo! Pump your brakes ma dude. Scholari bout to get this squad in tiptop shape sooner or later. I'd bank on sooner.
Clap Clap, Bravo... and a bottle of Moscato.
There is no way one can Drogue Ba!
And everybody on here who just read that comment...SNORED! ZzZzzzZ
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