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Chelsea letting go of Robben always baffled me. Anyway, Dortmund winning would be cruel on Bayern, especially after the way they lost last year (and 1999 - wh...
5 years ago
You'll always have different views - which is fine. For me, it wasn't a red. It spoiled a perfectly poised classic. Congrats to RM nonetheless. Anyway, at leas...
Messi is just amazing! and Fabregas' second assist to Messi...damn The commentator should tone it down a tee bit though...heights of embellishment and exagge...
5:19 ...LMAO!
I gave up on American commentary the day I heard this: "It's a goal! Who else?! It's Captain America" - Landon Donavon scoring for LA Galaxy....LMAO!
Somewhere on FootyTube
Dude..now you're spamming..lol
6 years ago
It's for the world to see that Barca lacks an alternative plan. Oh wait..it's non-existent. The article also hails Barca as having the best attacking side in th...
Did i forget to mention one of those defenders were Macherano? LMAO ...that leaves Barca with only 2 natural defenders. Heights of cockiness I tell you..
Abelredevil, Chelsea played against Barca, NOT Bayern or Madrid, so save the ifs. Give the credit where it's due and stop pissing in your own pants coz we got k...
Barca sure don't have a Plan B. I mean, even at half-time you're level on goals and Chelsea are 1 man down, how do you still stick with 3 defenders? I understan...
Careface...just post this over and over again...lmao http://img831.imageshack.us/img831/7756/oie2123360s7kvihrk.gif
'Cristiano Ronaldoo with a platinum touch!!" ...and I love the celebration
@careface...funny as f**k is right...hahaha!
Yup, in fact if United win the EPL this time those refs are all up for a big bonus. Everyone knows it, why even bring it up though, and it's sad no one can do s...
Daylight burglary ...lmao
Great game for neutrals. Hats off to the goalie! To All: Yes, Manchester United lost 6 - 1 to Manchester City; City played far better than us. But if you think...
Azzuri, read his comments carefully before making "ignorant" statements: "Those who thought barca were rubbish musn't (MUST NOT) have watched the same game"
The second one was tight, level - regardless, Man Utd. had more chances and that Nani goal was AWESOME.
9:47 minutes, Bolton mascot in the back...hahahah
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