Britishcanadian (Full Name) is apparently angry.It's healthy rivalry
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Agger and skrtel are thugs
5 years ago
Ha. who says la liga is the best? madrid or barcelona band-wagoners?
Great finish, but nothing great about his touch to control it. the ball was still bouncing
Still bitter eh. i would be too if i were a barca bandwagon'er
6 years ago
Ignore him. he's just upset because barcelona are trailing in the title race in la liga, which happens to be only made up of 2 teams.
Lol I bet you got all your cool points based on that profile pic :p
You have to admit they do look like they all enjoy playing football. something you wouldn't see at arsenal
Anderson is a joke? he's turned into a really solid CM player, what the hell are you talking about?
Well manchester united played great, and arsenal, with a weakened mix of players, played poorly, so this outcome was bound to happen. had arsneal got that pk, ...
Settle down everyone, it's notts county and man city played their best squad.
7 years ago
I think that's what we call sarcasm
I really hope that English isn't Chelseawon3nil's first language.
He is shite. no doubt about it. i'd be frustrated if i were a Gunners fan
I don't like that slope around the pitch on our stadium. i'm surprised there aren't more injuries from that. you need lots of space to slow down; not a hill w...
Fletcher has turned into a helluva footballer. anderson has stepped up his game too. carrick never really turned into the player we hoped we would, and gibson...
I've said it before and i'll say it again, 'squillaci is a clown'
Lol. f*****g lee bowyer. the bloke has got grey hairs!! he scored the winner against Chelsea earlier this season too, wtf!!
No kidding. the Chelsea game was a lot more important. and it was played 2 days ago. and personally, I want to see Arsenal beat Barcelona. good luck
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