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Brikel gave the Stoke City v West Ham United video a rating of 1
2 years ago
Yid c**t
Brikel thought the West Ham United v Middlesbrough match was average
Brikel thought the West Ham United v Manchester United match was awesome
3 years ago
Brikel updated his profile
Brikel gave the Slaven Bilic's Battle video a rating of 5
Brikel thought the Everton v West Ham United match was good
Brikel gave the West Ham United v Liverpool video a rating of 5
Brikel gave the Manchester City v West Ham United video a rating of 5
Brikel gave the Manchester City v West Ham United video a rating of 5
5 years ago
Brikel nominated M. Diamé (90') for Goal of the Week
Luck has nothing to do with it as can be seen from 12 clean sheets this season
To see who are the top 5 coaches in any league you just have to look at positions 1-5
@ death soup, whatever fat frank has done in the past is just history mate, personally i would give all the so called golden generation the boot for england, as...
At the end of the day west ham took a point from chelsea, using tactics every team in the world has used at one time or another, and of course west ham would ha...
Alardice has to go, but before that he should pay back every west ham supporters costs who payed their hard earned money to watch a youth team get slaughtered
Another fergie time winner
6 years ago
It's not the amount of fouls it is the type of fouls you fool
7 years ago
Fully agree
It was not a mistake, he kicked the other player for no reason, i just hope he can return to the form that made him a world class striker or get a manager with ...
Piquionne's red card was a disgrace
We will not move into the olympic stadium until 2014
8 years ago
Are you on drugs?
Total and utter bollox
Since we have been relegated the only people taking the piss are chelsea wankers, and then usually like yourself a f*****g glory hunter from india who could not...
Why? theres more to football then the premier league
Koopa another typical loud mouthed no nothing yank that has never been to a proper football match i his life, but is an expert because he has seen a little on t...
Pioneercolonel do you know anything of your clubs history, we have stopped you winning the premier league 3 times, knocked you out of the fa cup when you alread...
Will the s**t stiring mugs who keep coming on WHU videos jut to wind up get a f*****g life, this aint a school playground and your not interesting
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