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Nice pic mate!
6 years ago
Sorry i thought you could go head to head against each other with the teams you made
7 years ago
Hi, I'm missing some points (1 assist worth) for Müller from Windeck - Bayern game. Thought I'll let u guys know if u haven't spotted it already. My apol...
That's the Roberto Carlos we all are used to see :D great shot! :D
8 years ago
Real was on fire tonight, creating chances nicely and only Palop's great day on the job saved Sevilla from shameful result. It was a little close for the home t...
I'm kind of amazed that Lampard's name hasn't made it here yet. When I read the post on footytubes main page and the word reliable the first name that popped in...
Alfter 19 years of not winning in Deportivo's home pitch it finally happened :) Deportivo was like on a away match letting Real Madrid to control the ball and ...
I'm thinking of changing all my attackers. I may keep Rossi or Owen depends on the finances, but one of my primary targets to bring in the team is Fabregas. Oth...
The part with David James just cracked me up for a couple of minutes. Thank you for that ;)
Ronnie was all over the place. Nice to see him finding his form. Let's hope he has the determination to force his way back to Brazil's squad and make a good MM ...
Once again I am amazed by the football that Barca plays. Such good group of players connecting with each other.
Hi! Yes the points that he has earned you so far will be given to your team even if you sell him. ;)
A few outtakes from Ant's post in the dreamfooty bugs section: The admins are aware there could be a problem with some fan valuation rankings on your persona...
That's only so because most cases the patience is the key ;) If you had added the time from witch you had the problem then of course the probability is that be...
Hello, I'm sure that's a problem that can be solved with a little patience :P I have noticed that changes on the leaderboards take some time to reach to the ...
Hi, You open up your channel and on the right upper side just below the search box there are two options 'Become a Fan' & 'Become a Rival'. Just click on the...
Hello, Most likely he will get his points in a couple of days so you have to be little bit more patient. If the points have not reached to you in a lets say 4-...
No that did not reset the score for Denilson, but if he was on your bench and not included in your first 11 then he didn't got any points for your team. All t...
Hi :) I think it's fair to say that you didn't had to do a new topic, especially two new topics, regarding this matter. When you take a tiny peak around in t...
I appreciate the notice ;) Anyhow keep up the good work on the site and I'll keep up my humble contribution :)
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