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I think the EPL was incredible last year. You never knew what was gonna happen. I think the point of this article should have been that Barcelona is untouchable...
6 years ago
Let's see what happens in January. Any team would be lucky to have Tevez, he has succeeded in all fronts. He can score when no one else can. I hope he ends up i...
That's ridiculous, why waste the talents of one of the worlds best attackers?
Tevez was the reason they were in the champions league...he deserved to start at least in one of the games
Hey Nick, had the pleasure to read a few of your posts and must say I admire and respect the way of presenting your opinion. Always sound pretty smart if u ask ...
He made it clear he wasn't happy at ManCity. He had few suitors for a transfer because ManCity wanted 50 million. FIFTY MILLION for a player that they won't sta...
I'm glad someone posted about this. I'm curious as to what the reaction would be had someone else refused to play. Gerrard. Drogba. Anyone from the Barca camp. ...
Hey I saw one of your posts and you said you didn't know how to post a youtube video. Its simple. Just copy and paste the link and in most places its viewable ...
Soccer fans have more money than NBA fans. and time on weekends
I wanted to start a thread about good players that no one bothers with anymore, either because they are forgotten or because nobody cares or because they never ...
I think Walcott should move to Spain or Portugal. His kind of player isn't welcomed as much in England
Hart Richard, Kompany, Lescott, Zabaleta Clichy, DeJong Nasri, Toure, Silva Dzeko (Aguero) *after first sub Hart Richard, Kompany, Lescott, Clichy Toure, DeJo...
Wow...let me tell you from someone who isn't a Barca fan... but they are right. Julio, La Liga teams like Barcelona and RM are better than most other teams...ju...
Juguar is correct. And sometimes players have to act hurt and pretend it's worse than it is cuz the ref will let it go. Defensive roles are more thuggish... loo...
Im Nick or Nicolas, and I'm new to FootyTube but I love it. :)
He is not going to win anything this year, and then RM will realize the mistake they made by letting a giant douche run a team with some of the best players and...
I agree, I'm excited to see beefed up Malaga this year
But we're still talking about players who probably don't know anything about what they are getting themselves into. I mean let's face it, Tevez is no genius. If...
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