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4 set piece goals. I don't like this.
5 years ago
Classy goals by Elano
6 years ago
Are YOU serious? Barcelona puts up that kind of possession against teams with 11 men. Chelsea played most of the game with 10. Of course they had to play defe...
Adam is scottish
I don't buy that statement. I'm so tired of hearing that. These young players need to stay and strengthen the league. Obviously the Brasil produces tons of tal...
A tap in is worth the same as a 30 yard strike.
I said the exact same thing to a friend about them looking great on paper, but when it comes to watching them, it is always a disappointment. Hopefully 2 years...
Not too many people commenting on robinho's brace. Good performance by him
It's been one game since he last scored. I think it a tad bit pre-mature to say he won't build off the wolves goal. If he doesn't score in the next few games,...
I wouldn't consider this a bold statement at all. I think most people would consider Germany a serious contender for 2014. I think they could easily take Spain ...
Who is gonna play keeper?
Believe what you want, but footytube is not a chapel to preach in
I think we can agree that most teams wouldn't be what they currently are without the players they currently have, so...the conversation is pretty pointless.
Borges' goal was so powerful
What a smooth goal from Renato!
Oh yeah, like barca has never bought a player that wasn't in their academy.
Drink my piss Farca
I doubt most americans could pronounce the slovenian names right...
My money is on Japan
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