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The match was a cracker though!!! and walcott can beat cole anyday in terms of pure speed!!
6 years ago
Robin "vampire"sie is on fire at the moment!!! but did any1 notice mata accidently punch "torrest" at 08:50 during celebrations????
Finally i can respect a liverpool fan!!! u are an example to other LFC supporters mate..........
Gerrard has more brains than "Liverpoo" supporters!!!
And no vidic too!!!
Hard fought draw. Liver and fool were def the better side,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,although the new tradition of LFC players falling like dry leaves is irritating!!! De Ge...
Wtf??? that was a human error,,,,,,it happens wid the best,,,,,,,,Giggs has been the one of the most consistent players of man utd for several years. And if i r...
Although the Danes are a solid team,,and good overall team performance,, Portugal cannot just depend on 2 players(Nani and Ronaldo) all the time,,,its a team of...
True,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Nani's on fire!!!! interesting 2nd goal by Jonasson..poor defence though by portugal!
Final Standings 2011-2012 EPL 1.Man Utd 2.Man City 3.Chelsea 4.Totenham . . . . . . . 17.Blackburn Rovers . . . . 21. Whale Poo . . . Liverpool..............
Yeah,,something for Liverpool fans to cheer about this season,,,"we have just one diver in our team",,,,
Perfect pass,,superb finish,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Derdiyok was awesome!!!,,,,man i love the Bundesliga!!!!
What's with Milan fans going berserk everywhere???,,,,,,,,,,and lol on "We dominated you!!"
No no maybe that's what football is all about in Serie A according to Girasoli,,,,,silly Milan fans,,,,,,,lol.
Espanyol were valiant indeed,,,,,,,,,but here's an interesting term- "middle range teams"
Haha,,and there she goes again,,,,,,,,,aite',,AC Milan will turn things around,,,,and yeah it's just the start of the season,,,(seems like i locked horns wid a ...
Girl i am talking about the present Milan situation,,,,,,,i remember the days of Baggio, Maldini,Weah,,,,,i rememebr BARCA'S 4-0 loss to Milan,,those were glory...
Correction: Basel wasn't an away game. When u are talking about a wolrd-famous football club with a rich history(Milan),,, having 4 quality players in a starti...
True. Basel was a dissapointment btw it was an away draw so no tragedies their. And talking of last year's champions league,,remind me how far Milan went.........
Milan may have injuries,,but so does our team(6 injuries,,3 first team regulars),,that doesn't mean we get spanked. and they say Milan is Seria A's best. I bet ...
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