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Out for the season...injury :(
Especially after redknapp talked trash about ball--i'd like to see him start and tear QPR to pieces. i wouldn't want to play against a pissed off balo with so...
‎"It's their second! It's their minute! It's their time...Stoppage time!" i think fergie time needs a new name :)
I'm not trying to say it was right, by any means. i'm just saying that its being blown out of proportion and it might be a bit hypocritical.
Lol i didnt mean it defensively, i just was mentioning that 2 of the 5 goals that went into the same corner also went by de gea
I dont think i answered it, i just said that all the united fans are saying that rio celebrated in front of the united fans... if he was celebrating in front o...
Lol seriously gohonaf chill out. it was a 2p coin. yes its wrong of the fans, but mcfc are handling it.
...and de gea's?
Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that a drug testing kit was also thrown at Rio Ferdinand but he somehow managed to avoid it.
Just a bit more hypocrisy to add to the record. you stay classy, united fans.
Deservedly. great debut, especially for a young guy defending in the hardest league in the world.
Not joeys fault. come on guys really? the first rooney goal didnt go where he was intending at all. watch his foot on the replay, he scuffs it. he was trying to...
Hey look guys there are 16 united fans in here! lol
I dont know if its time for him to go just yet, but he doesnt deserve to start. he plays too selfishly. he slows down the game (sometimes stops it) by trying to...
If rio WAS celebrating in front of the united fans, than either that city fan has a heck of an arm, or a united fan hit him with the coin. doesnt make much se...
I thought aguero was good. he needs to be the out-and-out striker if you ask me, and balotelli was cramping his style/space. i think the argentinian tango pair ...
I'm with mt1234. i like the team. i dont think we need any additions. this team is strong and i think we need to let them play together without adding any more ...
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