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As if im gonna bother remembering every comment u ever wrote, double pathetic
6 years ago
@gohanaf ur pathetic
76 year old woman...?bwahaha Abdi you should change your name and your age. no wonder you got so many rude votes..haha
So just good enough hahaha
Why? so u can have an easy passage to the semi finals lol thats just cheating.
Lol @pc2572 ur not EVEN in the champions league.
I really need to start handing out friend requests for some back up!
Torres please! just cause ur a goody two shoes doesnt mean every body has to be. the majority of people learn swear words cause its kinda the fun part of learni...
Ah stop im gonna cry...
Aah sheeet i forgot about that! i take that comment back.
Uhm when did liverpool ever win the champions league? i thought they just won european cups. my mistake
Yes sir mr dan2989
Dan kinda makes a little sense here, just wish he lost the evra bit, then it would have been the perfect comment.
Dont forget "beeeech" ! a personal favorite of mine "u sonaba beeeech". aah good times....
Nah dont put pool's hopes up, they'll get excited. they're still sheeeet!
Uhm @great the first thing people learn from a different language is curse words, u should try learning a new language! @dan i'd say we should just believe the...
Nah im feeling green
@dan2989 i hope u dont do jury duty or anyone u know. "he has a criminal record so he must be guilty". get the F out of here
Hahahaha sturridge was serious
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