Boings played some footy with korean ppl.
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5 years ago
MariS wrote in On Boingss wall
Cool votes for you :)!
7 years ago
F*****g beautiful.
8 years ago
Up Arsenal
No comments so far....haha well thnx for accpt the frn request
Do you know much of what you're talking about?
9 years ago
Damn that would suck :O okay i see it :) thanks
Somewhere on FootyTube
Not sure how this is footy related, but I'm sure glad you think it is :D
Please correct me if I am wrong but I don't see any date for the next game on a team's webpage, I think it would be a good addition to have if it isn't there.
That, is a great idea. It would make everything a little more connected and personal to the user....
I also completely agree nothing like this is on the internet at the moment. I am surprised how little football has spread over the web. This site will definitel...
Why is this in top goals?
Bendtner had way too many chances in this one. I can't get over Arshavin though, he recreated a goal he scored a long time ago. What a great player.
Hmm... that was harsh
That was beautiful.
Hm... i believed to have checked the number of votes each time...but maybe I was mistaken, I will try again. thanks.
I love the polls and they are very nice but there is one tweak that I think should be changed. If it is possible I would like to see one vote cast on a match fo...
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