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I noticed the elbows too. A real class act of a captain, playing for a real class act of a manager. Couldn't have happened to a nicer team.
5 years ago
Like ronaldo *used to* do. Haven't seen ronaldo hit the target much lately. Bale was feeling it in this match.
Looking again in slo-mo, Shelvey and Evans basically make the same tackle. Could have been yellow for both for flying tackles, really. But how often do you see ...
Love the new USA jammies. *wrech
6 years ago
Goal of the week. Goal of the year. Goal of the decade.
Wow. massive restraint from Robben after missing the penalty. I would have punched Subotic's jaw through the top of his head in frustration. Not that it would h...
No. They don't. They look like pink shoes.
Yikes. Just looked the group up. Hopefully it's just a loud minority.. ?
It's too bad. With such a phenomenal roster, RM should be able to outclass (almost) any opponent. But time after time neanderthal tactics take the spotlight, wi...
His kicking spree is the first thing I remember every time I see Pepe. Cannot unsee.
Class goal, but really disappointing to see Henry slash at the back of the player's legs near the end. He's really become a dirty player in his old age - intern...
Pepe, what a meat-head. And Dani Alves. And Marcelo. Without their antics these clasicos would be so much more enjoyable.
Not watched much newcastle this season, so I wondered why it was such a miserable day for the central defense particularly (until reading your comment, Johnny)....
Yeah. compare it to the yellow for Luiz (Chelsea) today and you really have to scratch your head. Let's get on the same page, refs.
Yeah, Mata does look sharp. One of the few bright spots for Chelsea this season.
Back line = solid except that Luiz should have been sent off straight away when he and Terri allowed Ba through.
How has AVB stayed healthy this season? The air kicks and punches he does on the sideline... He must have a good warmup routine to avoid pulling a muscle every ...
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