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Real unhappy that Hendo missed a nice chance in the second half. Otherwise 5 goals on Arsenal...quite am unexpected feat for a Saturday. If only we had turned t...
I guess Fergie left in the nick of time. Moyes just inherited a mid table team with a few primadonas
Moses reminds me everything that is bad with footballers from developing countries. They play superb football to get into big teams. Once they are in, they coul...
A draw would have been more than a fair result but thank the REF for making city the victors of this game.
Sorry but you had RVP and you sent him to Manutd. That says a lot about your team and the boss. Think Suarez is stupid. If he moves, he is going to R Madrid for...
Lets show something similar to CFC and MUFC plz and then I think we can dream of the title. Today we opened a can of "whoopa$$". I expected a draw but what I sa...
I hate some of the comments I heard after the game. Spurs were tired and the Ref was not favoring them. Seriously, 5 -0 was a grace score. Suarez could have sco...
And to think Real only valuated him at 35m when Bale cashed out at nearly 100m
SAS was missed today. With Sturridge in there, I think the score line would be 6 nothing to the least. The team missed his poaching capabilities. Also Suarez di...
Allen could have put this game away but he was not only clumsy but selfish. I hope we sell him in January. Mirallas should have been sent off .If it were Suarez...
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LFC could have won if useless Allen would have scored that easy put in and stack this game away. Think it was a lucky win for BR. Putting Sturridge in in place ...
Good win but from what I took from this game is that we should get Scott Parker in January. Look at this guy. It was as if all of Fulham's resistance was up to ...
Well I kept saying this from game one but a lot of people became deluded with SAS here and SAS there that they did not see the real problems at Pool. First, Hen...
2 cool votes for being a good looking girl and for being a Liverpool supporter. YNWA.
Great highlights but I watched the whole game and saw our problems. Good win but I am worried about midfield and defence. If we play like we did today against a...
This Team worries me. We got complaisant after 3-0 and let WBA play and if they had good strikers, I have no doubt they would have score 1 or 2 . our defence is...
Good win but this side worries me. Our defence is not solid. And when we got complaisant, it showed against WBA. If we were playing a better attacking team, the...
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