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It's a good club. We have cookies and occasionally drink too much. But no, it is nice to just browse the site without feeling like you have to look for things...
1 week ago
How do you encourage players staying on their feet and discourage diving? Reward them for staying up. Absolutely pathetic. Cannot believe this.
2 weeks ago
To be fair, he has been fined for what seems like every interview he's given, and in most cases, for things that weren't untrue. I can't say I blame him.
3 weeks ago
Agreed. Can't believe the people calling for his sack. Are we underperforming? Absolutely. Is there a better manager available/alive? Nope. Sacking isn't g...
1 month ago
Honestly, I can't say I disagree with Jose's logic here. At best, we have Costa, matic, our two center backs, and our two center backs to defend and attack set ...
Absolutely. The league was quality last year, but this year every team is extremely good. West ham, palace, Leicester can all be added to the list of Tottenha...
2 months ago
Gotta say, this was the exact same performance that got Oscar so much criticism last season. He wasn't on the ball often and didn't contribute too much to the ...
Check out Jose's interview about djilobodji. He says in the champions league we have "Terry, Cahill, zouma and eventually ivanovic". Hopefully this means once ...
Naismith shouldn't even be on the pitch and its not even a discussion
Slimy by Naismith on ivanovic. Was not even an attempt to go for the ball and I can't believe no one seems to be talking about it. Should me a red.
Ha-ha... 69
I agree with that. But at the same time, he's only one player for 2 positions. Fact is, we currently have ramires, rlc, and Mikel as backup. But it seems to ...
You know, I might be hopping on the England bandwagon here, but if Shelvey keeps up his current form I would think he would make an excellent addition. We has ...
Honestly, didn't see anything wrong with the defense except Ivan. That was the most pathetic performance from him I've ever seen. Both goals were his fault, d...
Ok, anyone who's seen my posts knows I'm rarely one to criticize players, but that's it for me even. That goal is completely down to Ivan's incompetence. He n...
To be honest, it came down to work rate, attitude, and performances when given the chance. A lot of people think he wasn't given a proper shout, but he started...
Another bright note - Bertrand traore actually looked really good despite being a cf/rw playing at left back :p
3 months ago
All I can say, is the only reason I'm reserving doubt and worry before Saturday, is we haven't seen Oscar play in the same side as fabregas and hazard and willi...
Mourinho is definitely a class above Wenger (waits to watch the world burn)
Honestly, I agree with everything you said. Only thing to add, ramires is not good enough even if he was one of our better players today
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