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Every great manager has been less than respectable. Some hide it and act as though they were always honest and never did anything wrong, while others aren't af...
1 week ago
I know I don't comment nearly as often as I should here, and I'm hoping I'm not just beating a dead horse, but something needs to be said. When posting comment...
I hope we see calum chambers at right back. He's been good but I feel like hazard would tear him apart. Maybe I'm wrong but here's hoping it'll be his first r...
2 weeks ago
Am I being unrealistic in saying that we might be playing the most attractive football in England? This is scintillating!
1 month ago
I have to say, it's a bit weird seeing someone else wearing the number 8. Kinda glad it's Oscar though. I think he's got real character and huge potential.
What a pass from Oscar and my word I don't know how Luis can get into the first team with performances like this from ivanovic keeping us from switching azpi to...
I hate playing recently promoted teams right at the start of the season. They'll still have that belief that they can do anything, and won't be easy with that ...
2 months ago
---------coutois---------- Ivan--cahill--terry--luis ------matic--van ginkel-- Schurrle---fab---hazard ----------costa----------- Moi has already stated he wil...
Always a ready made classic when we see you in the semis. Some great history made in those fixtures, and probably the only time I'll mention history and Liverp...
I wouldn't even compare the two. Shevchenko didn't look like half the striker for us as he did for Milan but he could still control a football and score semi c...
People seem to forget that city dropped points against some pretty weak position early last season. They didn't really get rolling till Christmas time and a lo...
Thing is, city will only be better this year with the squad being used to pellegrino from the get go, united look twice the team they were already, and arsenal ...
Guys just my honest opinion, but I don't see us taking off at the start of this season. Everyone seems to be looking at us as favorites, but at this present mo...
I understand both sides here but still can't accept his for being correct. What bothers me the most is that he came here alleging to love this club and last se...
Normally I would say there is done solid logic in your argument SIF, but let's not forgot that there is a certain man named ed woodword in charge of your transf...
3 months ago
You're right, ivanovic is a terrific defender. My worry isn't so much that he won't provide proper cover as much as I'm worried that if any of our center backs...
I do agree to some extent but in all honesty, I still think that this team is still really lacking in some departments. First of all, Cahill is excellent along...
Won't take much time to write this, but my thoughts on the first half: Along the back line you can see our guys aren't ready to start. They have done well, do...
This world cup has already been incredible, and it just keeps giving out shockers and entertaining football. What a match.
Fred's a donkey. Get Jo instead.
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