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So in Windsor Ontario, the only place to watch games is an official Manchester united supporters club bar, and you'll never guess where I am, decked out in Chel...
Ronaldo's best season was from the wing with united, as have messi's. The reasoning is actually quite simple too. While it may seem you have greater opportuni...
2 weeks ago
I think zilch has explained it numerous times, but Jose's tactics in this sense make perfect sense. If we play hazard on the left we want him to save most of h...
3 weeks ago
I'm down for that. Kid's a monster, but Lyon doesn't sell players for cheap either
I actually don't disagree with this article one bit. I've said it since the start of the season, this team is missing something. I have come to the conclusion...
I think theos comment has been misread by many. He didn't state that any one league is inferior. He did bring attention to the styles of play from sides in ea...
Did you watch the game against hull? I mean don't get me wrong, it wasn't a perfect game by any means, but with the exception of the last 20 minutes of the fir...
Are you trying to get my blood pressure at dangerously high levels, because this is how you get my blood pressure to dangerously high levels
4 weeks ago
Are you trying to get my blood pressure at dangerously high levels, because this is how you get my blood pressure to dangerously high levels
I've said this a few times this season and I'll say it again... Our team is good but far from great. We're no where near the likes of Madrid, barca or Bayern. ...
1 month ago
Sorry mom :(
Oscar was quietly fantastic yesterday I think. His seem less transition from the right side, to the center, to cm created a lot of openings just through his mo...
I think the game plan was clear, sit deep and hit on the counter. We played poorly, no doubt about it, Ramires was bad, fabregas couldn't get the ball and when...
2 months ago
I had to leave for work at about the 75th minute, got to work and got the notification that we had scored and literally jumped up and down out of excitement. T...
Man of the match today. Play like this everyday, and he'll help make us unbeatable
My word, arguably the save of the season there.
Did we just see an excellent shot by willian?
So Everton looks set to sit deep and counter attack against us with their lineup, and we look set to hassle and herry them when they're in possession. Looks to...
Zouma or matic are my picks for man of the match. Both were awesome. And zouma deserves to keep starting.
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