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Unpopular opinion time, but I think the foundations for ffp are fantastic. First we need to differentiate between what is fair and what is equal. For those of...
2 days ago
Guys, I hope all of you know that regardless of the performance, this win puts us in a perfect position to win the league. We have 4 games left. City has 6. T...
1 week ago
Best FIFA game since 06 if you ask me.
Well isn't that interesting. I can hardly remember the last time Barca weren't in the semis. Honestly, I hope to get Bayern in the semis, especially if they p...
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I don't think I've ever seen this many positive comments from fans of other teams on one teams forum. Shout out and massive respect to you guys, especially with...
Always magic at the bridge in Europe. You can never count us out when it comes to the CL. Well done lads.
Chelsea FC, the kings of European drama!!!! Another magical night!
Good half. But really, if Silva can get away with his offside why can't Ivanovic get away with his???
As much as his attitude concerns me, I've been wanting him here since his days at inter. The man has tremendous talent and can make something happen from absol...
3 weeks ago
The amount of removed comments is too damn high!!
I would have to agree that pool is doing much better than even their own fans could have expected, but they do have a terrific squad with terrific players who I...
Spot on. Too many people are letting themselves get disappointed over the fact that we probably aren't going to won the league, when we really shouldn't have b...
Well, credit to Palace. They were the better side today, and this is exactly what Jose has been saying all season long. We don't quite have the quality to be ...
Sometimes I wonder why I even come onto this page... All of you being so petulant after one half, need to quit it. Firstly, we're playing against a side that ...
Those of you criticizing the summer transfer window need to really look at more facts than "we needed a striker and everyone knows about it." As I say, this is...
4 weeks ago
He gets flack even when he doesn't play... Cut the guy some slack would you
1 month ago
Ray Hudson... Nuff said.
To be fair, I think most fans would agree that SAF should take a considerable chunk of the blame for this season. The problems in that side have been there and...
2 months ago
Bloom next time I'm in tdot we're going out to the pub. My sister lives there. Windsor, Canada. Half German, half English.
I would have to disagree. Players in his position typical hit their peak at about 27-28 and stay in it for the next two or three seasons.
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3 months ago
4 months ago
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Blueskiesahead nominated A. Ramsey (59') for Goal of the Week
6 months ago
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