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Did u bother to read fabby's post below? i over reacted but i was provoked and i should be excused for that. i made a post on my forum's wall but someone replie...
5 years ago
I came by to see if you actually responded. This is what I see. Bluesjose(Chelsea)2 days ago so my account gets suspended bcos someone called me stupid on my ...
Cheers bruv...sometimes we loose our heads but it takes a very mature mind to extend a hand of friendship during a fight and i will ever respect you for what yo...
Hey mate, i just saw what happened to that topic on the chelsea forum as i've been really busy and stressed out with work lately. I apologise for what i said, ...
So my account gets suspended bcos someone called me stupid on my forum and i reacted? who is the aggressor here? and magneto said i insulted him in four posts b...
Hi Bluejose, Kgb112 has had a discussion with you around a week ago about posting on the forums, and reporting posts. He's warned you that if the trend continu...
Please dont give me that. he called me stupid and it was on here for an hour and u didnt take it off. i reacted by taking it a step further on purpose bcos nobo...
We are worth talking about, some teams are not. so let them go on bcos they have nothing good to say about their teams which can be as catchy as anything they s...
Now lets talk like cultured adults moyes has been working with long has he been a top flight manager? how long has rdm been in the top flight? d...
Performance and results is what matters...not petty sentiments about how much one has got to work with compared to the other. Moyes has been at everton for ages...
Should have been RDM with his handling of Chelsea's metamorphosis into an easy on the eye team.
He's been charged and showing remorse isnt going to make them drop the charges,it will only make the sentence a little more lenient. whitehartrogue...u sound r...
Http:// really?
Http:// LMFAO
Well said liquidator
I cant agree with you bro. i'm black and i'm just fed up with these racist accusations which more or less are pleas for pity..thats like saying that we are vuln...
Http:// finally..this should be closure.
Http:// The Legend should just accept this and move on...he can miss ...
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