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Nice goal by Oscar
5 years ago
Bad game by chelsea!!!!!!!!! Also ive lost my patience with fernando scoreless. Come on man, start scoring ffs.
It was good to see the new midfielder performing well for manchester. Well done Mr Clattenberg you were manchesters best player!!! Also who ever voted that ch...
I forgot to mention that petr cech was good. But his only doing his job, thats all.
Judging by the highlights shaktar didnt show anything special, both goals were lucky goals. I think if hazard started it wouldve been different game, but i th...
Good second goal by alba. lol.
Messi your a legend mate.
Mata is the man. The haters are getting quieter and quieter every week.
Its better that he didnt get selected, at least he will have a break.
Great team display, Chelsea can only get better. Well done boys.
Good passing by chelsea, torres which i support is starting to annoy me now, cant position himself properly and when he does position himself properly, he can...
Such a blind fool you are kagawa26rvp20. you buy van persie and kagawa this summer and you talk about money. typical manure fan.
Like always the refs help out manure. Especially when they got their best midfielder HOWARD WEBB!!! Typical arsey win by manure.
I totally agree with you mate. Still dont know why di matteo plays mikel instead of romeu
Come on mate, this is getting old with parking the bus. Just wondering how arsenal did in the champions league last year. justa reminder, 2012 KINGS OF EUROP...
OSCAR you legend. A star was shone last night. Well done oscar, MIKEL, your useless. Still dont know why di matteo plays you when his got romeo. Well done...
David villa shiiitts me the way he spits!!!!
Oh well you go and play for spain if your that good!!! so many experts.
6 years ago
It was a good game!!!! Too many Torres haters around, Buffon outsmarted him on both chances, that's why he missed the chances. Get over it haters.
Of course im serious, out of all the Chelsea players that have been and gone in this club, Sturridge is the most selfish. He will never be a team player, he...
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