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4 years ago
Good professional effort. Congrats to Marcos Lopes on his full debut.
How about the simple fact that City are simply a better team?
5 years ago
For all of the Chelsea fans ripping on the referee, remember that last year you made it to the final with a dubious call as well. The "ghost goal" given by Mar...
Assessed by the police? Really? there is no need to bring the police into this. It is a three match ban. If you want the police involved with this, then Ro...
Its the same refee who sent Kompany off against United last year for cleanly winning the ball. Chris Foy is a disgrace.
I would agree with a 3 match ban for Sergio. No excuse for that. Chris Foy is probably among the 3 worst referees in the English game. Great match though. E...
Yeah, like United is never spending millions on players. Get a life rag.
Ummm...Ronaldo was NOT a United academy kid. I love how you United lovers try to make us think that you've NEVER bought your trophies. Get Real. Rio - 30mil+...
Yes, Barack Obama called into the heavens and gave Colorado a huge snowstorm for the match. Because the United States can control the weather.
Unimpressive post
Ok whiner. US Soccer didn't know that this storm would hit. It was 60F earlier in the week. Costa Rica fans need to stop complaining and grow a pair. M...
Cry me a river.
Oh my God, the whining that is coming out because the USA won. I was at the match last night and Costa Rica had their chances. The USA took theirs, Costa Rica...
I thought Newcastle played well and gave City a lot of difficulties. City were just that much better.
What a finish for the 2nd goal. Class.
When did Joey Barton sign for Everton?
@Gilkus... There was no bid, it was only rumors
Spot on Arsenal! City, while being undefeated, haven't quite been their best. If they hit their peak stride, City is a frightening team.
I honestly believe that this is the match that will kick start Arsenal this season. They needed something like this.
Arsenal were fantastic today. Adebayor once again shows his true colours. He has been a brilliant striker in his career but, he has s--- for brains and is a t...
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