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Andy Carroll was my man of the match. brighton's defenders were all concentrating on carroll, and that opened up space and opportunities for Skrtel (1st goal) a...
6 years ago
Horrific defending. especially none of the players even tried to close down carroll for the 3rd.
7 years ago
Why did nani have to head that one in? it already crossed the line, with no spanish defenders nearby. its definitely going to be CR's goal. no wonder CR was so ...
Is there a leaderboard for the World Cup dream footy?
8 years ago
The 2nd porto goal was weird. it was certainly a backpass and poor judgement by fabianski. but why did the referee not get out of the way? blatantly blocking so...
What awful defending from set pieces, again!!!
Just as manchester united relies on wayne rooney?
I didn't think liverpool were awfully rubbish. its just that portsmouth took their chances, both goals were well taken. what was mascherano thinking? sigh... ...
Mascherano had a really good game! and torres' goal, it was a weak shot at first, bramble managed to block it, but man, what a flick into the goal while trying ...
I don't agree that arsenal were awesome, (as opposed to the 335 people who voted them awesome) they couldn't even get completed passes and possession. to me, th...
Reina was superb! especially with the double save towards the end of the match. had that ball gone in, Liverpool players would have felt deflated and that would...
Yeah, and 90 said tottenham were rubbish.
Hey, why was Bentley's freekick credited as a Kirkland own goal?
We buy players to play them, obviously, but u cant play an injured player, or a one who is tired, unfit and in fatigue, can u? i'm just saying, the team is lac...
I didnt think it was rafa's fault entirely. yes, he did introduce some weird substitutions, but we had no one else on the bench! he needed to protect torres, be...
Rafa is the best manager for liverpool in recent years. however, he can be so stubborn. i don't know how he fails to realise he doesn't have a good plan B. he t...
So it was a liverpool fan that hit the balloon onto the pitch? but what a nightmare for liverpool fans! i've never seen pool played so badly!! come on reds!!!
Introductie van de doelen van de DutchReds De doelen van de Liverpool Supporters Association (DutchReds) zijn: Doorlopende doelen · Het vertegenwoord...
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