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Barca's front three are simply too much, i can only imagine ours being as fluid as theirs bazard basically has to carry us most games
4 days ago
Cahill doesn't deserve to start for us anymore zouma has proven in every game so far he's a better defender, ramires i have no idea how a premier leauge player ...
All the goals he scores covers up all his problems in defense most of the time
Did cahill and iva really just do that idk how cahill manages to start over zouma especially when we play vs fast forwards and iva smh
Our midfield and defense looks so f*****g disjointed this is annoying
Ivanovic wow
Wished zouma had started this one with how fast hernandez and ndoye are
Lol aaron ya they are by far the most biased fanbase on this site it's not even funny
OMG WHAT A GOAL BY MATA!!!! i'm loving it
Lol they've been absolutely overrun the second half
5 days ago
The fact that he trusts drogba more than remy is honestly a mystery to me, drogba can't do anything remy can't do right now tbh, felipe luis 100% should be gett...
6 days ago
Obv there is no campaign by the fa, what mou was talking about was a campaign by the media against us which there has certainly been this season, and there's no...
1 week ago
Lol zilch let us have our fun, the arsenal forum goes nuts everytime the media misquotes mou
LMFAO micky really he's not that great of a dribbler and passer? he's the best dribbler in the league by far only maybe sanchez is close to him in the league wh...
Hazard is such a joy to watch, almost single handedly makes up for the other rubbish the others are doing on the pitch
What is cahill doing i just don't uderstand
Lord have mercy on us rara on for matic
I haven't singled him i've put iva and terry in there too but knowing how slow terry is it would make sense to partner him with zouma for this game
Ivanovic is just getting exposed as usual terry is slow cahill idk what he's done to be starting over zouma, our midfield's lost and oscar jusst hasn't done an...
Just realized oscar was playing...
11 months ago
12 months ago
1 year ago
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