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My doctoral thesis defense and FA cup final are quite close to each other, if both end up successful, I'm going to buy 15 years aged Scotch and down it in one g...
4 days ago
OK, I've been pretty much disappointed, frustrated and angry at the way our team played today. But oh boy, feels so effin good, like a shot of adrenaline strai...
Oh and also, Arsenal have caused me to almost have panic attacks and thus, I wussed out and left for a smoke and a coffee during the penalty shoot out, I'm just...
That's it, Wenger deserves better, much f**king better than these bunch of clowns. I have never used such language for our players in the last 11 years I've sup...
5 days ago
Don't worry dudes, it's not gay if it's Olivier Giroud.
1 week ago
Good thing that I have to study all night. Coffee is over rated, I'll just take a look at Moyes-Fellaini and BAM-all desire of sleep evaporated.
2 weeks ago
Also, we need a better midfielder than Szczesny.
What energy that guy Rosicky has, I hope Wenger keeps on feeding him whatever he has been, I suspect Polonium and diced Lions. Cazorla was immense today, shade...
We're playing much better today.
Indeed, although to be fair, apart from the minute when we scored the two goals, we were very sluggish and seemed to be out of ideas.
3 weeks ago
This media lockout is making me a bit nervous. I hope that it's because Wenger's too busy cracking skulls, making heads roll, opening up can after can of whoop...
1 month ago
2 months ago
3 months ago
4 months ago
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