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Please can moyes be offered an extra 4 years deal, I love him , he needs 10 years to blend please support him as I'm doing.
1 month ago
No reasonable world class player will like to get a contract in United with moyes in the front line. He is here to destroy the club. I will not be surprised if...
No you got it wrong, the only person that do not deserve to be in Manchester United is moyes.......... Everton should have been playing champion s league every...
@prohet88, it seems that you have not ever heard that the "top english premiership club have agreed to help boost the english young players so as to match them ...
7 months ago
Please can someone tell me why chichatito, Nani and Kagawa dont get a game under Moyes as Ashely and Welbark..... I just hope he is not trying to please Roy. If...
If we qualify for champions league with Moyes with the way its going, i will be a happy person.
Di Canio out, next Moyes
Even when playing against 10 men
Just a personal observation , when I look at the managers and coach bench, what I see are boys not men, compared to Sir Alex crew. Just an observation and I thi...
That was not a penalty to me, the red card was too harsh, and the Ashley dive........ that will book him a place in next Olympics diving competition to represen...
There are so many things going wrong in man united, first someone have access to the line up and gave it to bt sports, this have never happened in the days of S...
I think it says so many things about personality
8 months ago
Come talk to me on my wall. What did your comment say and where did you post it?
11 months ago
Hi my comment about how i feel about my club was removed, i dont se the reason it should be, i guess your a staff and need to sort it out as i want it replaced....
Hi i dont know who to complain to, but i had my comment removed, why should it be removed ? i made a point and said how i feel. can my comment me replaced
I will remind you this message of your when you will be the first to call for his head in a plate when the new season starts. scots or english its Brit, if you ...
Sure it came from facebook, but looks cool to me
1 year ago
Sir Alex philosophy: 1. LIVERPOOL is a child who is very proud of the academic achievements of his grandfather. 2. MANCHESTER UNITED is a boy who just perfor...
Just saw this;
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