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Mmm. It's going to be a great day today!
5 years ago
This motherfucking s**t is a tunnel video to briefly show the behind scenes to all the futbol fans what goes on in that tunnel. So glad to see Eva still working...
Bladfin gave the Malaysia v Thailand video a rating of 1
Somewhere on FootyTube
*just say whatever
Do chelsea people really believe in him or they just whateva positive cuz hes in the team?? im genuinely questioned here.
WOW, you damn well know where to get them
Raul ! Class is forever
6 years ago
Diame just won the goal of the week!
Lols, look whos calling who the racist??? lol
Alex Song just gets better and better every season. Balotelli was already a red card with that first reckless tackle. Glad Song is ok.
Raul ! Raul ! Raul !
Alessandro Del Piero ! Alessandro Del Piero ! Alessandro Del Piero !
They have the whole EPL on their shoulders. get em chelsea!
Adededededebayooooo. great game
Anyone knows what exactly happened to Mertesaker? hope all is well for him
Somewhere on FootyTube
I really wander how Glen Johnson feels about this ordeal and Suarez? Whats your opinion people??
Didnt he refuse Ferdinand's as well?? Never mind. Ferdi was sticking up for Evra.
Jjuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvveeeeeeeee shout!
Pepe and friends should just break messi and others legs and be done with it. and plus the ref. i mean really. go real!
Del Pierooooooo the Living Legend !!!!
Mahahahahaha nice going u liver-racists-pool. liverfool really need their benitez back ahahahahaha
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