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AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that was a gosh dang game!
1 year ago
Wait isn't Sissoko supposed to be our Dembele replacement?
Hey Super! He has always been good, he just needed time to blend in and be given the opportunity. Side note, how are you watching the match? I can not find it a...
Let them be sent to a battle planet so that they can become battle hardened warriors... This will prevent them from FALLING APART!!! when things look like they ...
2 years ago
Mags, have you returned from your fortress in space to grace us earth dwellers? :D I just read the announcement, so that puts my worry to ease, for now. I can...
How do you'll feel about the so called, secret meeting (as stated by, between Sir Alex and Poch? It seems very obvious Utd are trying to snatch Poch a...
HAHAHA!!! This is that lovely BULL s**t!!! I LOVE IT!!! HAHAHA!!!
Never mind! I feel great! :D
Hey Utd! best of luck (not to lucky though :p). May the best team (hopefully my team, obviously) win. *thumps up*
How is everyone feeling about the game now?
What happened to Walker? Is he injured?
I hate my job and it blocking the chat for "Adult/Mature" reasons! I don't want to see naked women right now! I want to talk to my fellow Lily whites! COYS! Cl...
Looking forward to the game myself. May the best team win!
True Super. Everyone was talking about a shift in power in north London, but that won't be the case until Wenger leaves (as I see it). Again, he will usually al...
TROLL f*****g ING!!!!! wait... not the same thing?
Should have, like you said Hat. But sadly, we did not. I can understand why he removed Lamela, he wanted to prevent any potential clash between him and Sanchez....
Good game. Until the next derby.
Trying to kill all of us, my friend... Trying to kill us all... :'(
Most likely not to get involved and to not worry. Maybe just trying to prevent any altercation from happening.
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