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Hey fam. If anyone wants the injury list, I found a website that might help, just click on spurs or scroll down until you find the team. http://www.physioroom...
1 week ago
NOOO!!!! *Arnold voice* The Son is down! THE SON IS DOWN!!!
Wait... who do we have, besides Dier, as a CDM player? would that be carroll? or who exactly?
Oh, come on! LeDerp! :p
Yeah. KDB was off, Kane was off, and I believe Dier was off as well. The officiating was...lacking...
I hope so SS. We really do not want him to become jaded so soon into the season. If we are to have any kind of good season, him being healthy in our mid-field i...
Yeah, I mean Pre-Poch. I am also still very much in disbelief that we actually defended our lead, well. Pre-Poch, we were always shaky... The pessimist, realist...
So, who shall be writing up an analyse of the match?
@Paddy We normally seem shaky against tougher opposition. Every once in a while we do win, but we rarely win this comfortably. That is what I meant by rarely...
Yeah, the officiating has been very poor, and luck has been on our side. This second half came out of nowhere.
We seem to be doing you guys a favor today. Shockingly... :D Best of luck with Sunderland. Glory, Glory!
I can seriously say. I never saw this coming...
This is a rare moment SIF! haha
My soul can not believe this... Hahahaha. We actually won... Comfortably??? This is a dream... Right?
I hope my nerves can survive these excruciating minutes. I hope we do not pull a Spurs... :'(
Thank goodness. I was not the only one to have that reaction. Thankfully, no one is in where I work right now. :D
The guy is desperate to score a goal, so I guess he is blinded until he opens up his account this season, sadly. It was very selfish of him though.
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