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Good game. Your lads did you guys proud against us, again :( It looks like life after Suarez will be good for your team. Best of luck with your title push. An...
2 days ago
Attacking wise, it was exciting. Defense was not in any of these teams vocabulary... s**t.
3 days ago
I hear you. At the end of the day, this is a game. Rivalries shouldn't cause hate for another person, just because they like a different team.
1 week ago
The is catchy batman! LALALALA ME LALALALA
Thanks for the explanation :)
Wow... he has played quite a small amount of games...
Can anyone explain the third party owner ship to me? I have been reading some articles on it, but it is still confusing to me. I understand it helps clubs with ...
Why the heck do they want to sell Holtby... If they sell him... I will flip my table!
2 weeks ago
I hear you on that isnotfish. ugh.
3 weeks ago
I like our kits. They are different from what we used to have. They aren't that bad.
They are the reason I became a sucker for this team. I hope we find another partnership like their own.
Levy will always balance the books. That is what he does, and as long as he is still in charge, I would never worry about us going in the red. So while the stad...
1 month ago
Wow... Southampton is going to make a lot of money this year... I hope they stay up in the league though.
Is it that bad??? :O
Is it possible for someone or a team to work on the footytube site and revamp it. How many hours of coding and work would such a task entail?
I have read and heard that we are kind of interested in signing Micah Richards... What do you'll think? I think he could be a good replacement for Kaboul.
I've been hearing he is more likely to go to liverpool... i hate this rumor s**t... it is hurting my soul!
Do is sense a Soldado and Lamela partnership in the branch of Berba and Robbie? :'D one can hope
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