Bkironde Manchester United r champs once again!!
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Who ever said that Messi is a Catalonia because he is related to someone there is bullshit. His ancestors are from Italy not Spain.
6 years ago
So only black ppl can call eah other the n word? double standard there dont you think so? i might not be black, but my ancesters were slaves too! and i've lived...
De Gea should have saved both liverpool goals. Good job the liverpool, great game from both teams. De Gea needs to be better or Lindegaard will take the number ...
@Kop4life, are you f*****g seriuos. Suarez used a racist term . I don't think he is racist but he used a racist term. And what is it for you to say the the word...
The ref made the right call it wasn't a pen for silva he dove. If that was a pen then yaya and kompany should of been sent off. The big factor was the red card ...
Barca are the best team in the world, but tbh Valdes is not the best keeper in the world. I don't know how so many people think he is.
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Yo dawg I hear you are racist
RVP amazing chip just amazing. If that went in would of been better than Cantona's
Newcastle played amazing. Looks like they are gonna get that CL spot haha
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I think city will slow down, because of the Champions league matches mid week it will be tough for them I think its going to be like this: Man United Chelsea M...
Van Der Vaart used his shoulder, get mad
Bolton Wanderers relegation party 2011/12
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Cool story Hargreaves tell it again
@CFLNHLFIFAFAN; Hargraeves went to Germany himself when he was 17 not with his family. And Canada is good enough to at least make the world cup but they do thin...
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Amazing game could of gone either way but a draw is a good result for both teams
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Its the same as LeBron James in basketball. They are both amazing players in their own sport but people don't want the best players to win easy as that. When Ro...
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