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Given Shaw's age and potential ability, 30 million could be a steal!
1 week ago
"Liverpool fans have always been known for their sportsmanship" - Martin Tyler Need I say more?
Bjarni10 updated his profile
Nick Powell just came on for Wigan against Arsenal, Wigan lead 1 - 0!
I f***ing love Danny Welbeck!! He's DAT GUY!
I think Atletico have a golden chance to make it to the final, Chelsea have there work cut out for them. Real might struggle without Ronaldo (what team would...
If you mean at Stamford Bridge then the answer is United and Chicarito, the tormentor of Chelsea!
2 weeks ago
Big Spanish Dave is our player of the month for March! De Gea just beat Rooney who gets 2nd this month, while Mata was 3rd. Also a quick question for you guys ...
March POM/Results Here are the results for March. 7 users votes this month. 1st. David De Gea - 18 Points - 7 votes of 7 2nd. Wayne Ro...
Voting has closed for March. Results to be posted soon!
Final chance to vote for the player of the month today so hurry and vote lads!
1. De Gea 2. Mata 3. Rooney
Voting for player of the month is still open so go vote before it's to late!
Shut up Robben you diving, cheating, bald twat!
Credit where it's due, Moyes got the starting line up spot on! Bring on the 2nd leg!
Very true!
March has been an extremely up and down month for us reds but you can now vote for the March player of the month. Voting as usual is open for a week!
So March is coming to an end for us fellow reds, and it certainly has been a up and down month for us. Some very good games and some horrible performances from ...
^ i've been good mate, just been swamped with school and work so I've had little time to be on here constantly.
4 weeks ago
Haven't commented on here in a while but I just wanted to give my opinion. I was never a big Moyes fan to begin with but I was going to support him no matter w...
1 month ago
Happy 1000th game Mr. Wenger lol
3 months ago
5 months ago
6 months ago
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