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League is back and We are back
4 years ago
Pep is a good manager , but he was Barca Coach at the right time . Look Barca now without Pep they are still doing great . As far as Pep at Chelsea concern ,...
5 years ago
Now as dust settles .... Not a popular thought here , but do you think putting Romeu after Frank injuries would have made any difference . This might not be a...
Oh baby yea
6 years ago
Ooh baby yeah
My misses says , barca is going to get draw this time because Messi is not clean shaved Interesting it had happened before as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where is AFG with OZIL , cant wait to read that post
Is it true Dani Alves played as central striker during end of first half
Chelsea 1 goal n i ll go to bed
Doesnt look good for me ... know it is derby but there is no great quality, we need pace especially last third of the field
PS having said that I will agree Wenger will give RM a style that is similar to Barca ...If you are up for it ..go for it
Agree with Jigg- Xavi needs rest and Sahin needs play time , what more better time than this ,
With Wenger - he dont want to spend and RM spends , RM needs instant success and Wenger hasnt deliver since stone age. And long term with RM without success ,it...
For the guys in Spain , I want to know how credible is MARCA and AS news ? Looks like they have Mou expulsion as main agenda?
First no one get 5 years in RM second no one can play head to head with Barca , why dont we admit they are better ...I am fan of RM but got to admit it as truth
Game finish
I mean he agreed personal terms
For all my time this week , I am seeing Mou news on media . I hope everything will be ok and RM keeps moving ahead with 5 points cushion in the league.
That would be BENZ then
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